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Fishing Rules

The Health of our fish is paramount to us. Please help us to look after our fish. 


1. Fishing is £5 per day or part day. Please pay before you fish. 


2. Children must be accompanied on a fishing platform at all times and never left alone


3. No night fishing. Fishing is from Dawn to Dusk 


4. You must have a current Rod License to Fish


5. All Fish MUST be returned to the lake 


6. Barbless Hooks must always used. Maximum size 10


7. No keep nets. Landing nets must be dipped before fishing 


8. No Boilies


9. Ground Bait only to be used through a feeder


10. No floating bait’s ie bread or dog biscuits 


11. Unhooking mats must always be used. These can be purchased from us. Larger Fish must be landed with a landing net. 


12. Please remove you fishing equipment from the platform when you have finished fishing. 


13. Anyone found breaking these rules will be ask to leave immediately. 

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